Ink Games

Coming up fast, the first concert series of the year with the Hourglass Ensemble!  I’m looking forward to some experimentation on stage, as the “Games” referred to require us to play and interact with ourselves and the audience in unorthodox ways – playing music the moment it is written onto the page, busking, folk music, translating visual art to aural, and making a bridge between music, literature, and emotions.  The rehearsals have been very stirring stuff.  And I get to have a quick flash on piano, too, albeit as a backup to the amazing Gregory Kinda…

There is of course a lot of other more traditionally organised music.  Since Michelle Urquhart and I are playing the Bruch double concerto for clarinet and viola with orchestra in May, we’re including it in Ink Games.  Bruch’s music is lyrical, colourful, and beautiful, with the typical romantic era shading of solemnity and desperation up until cheekiness and joy.  It’s like an operetta for a woodwind and a string soloist.  We might ham up the drama a little bit.

And as is the mission of Hourglass, we have a small stack of Australian works, from Spike, Hair, and Holley, written in the last 20 years, and showing radically different approaches to modern art music composition.  Spike’s Ecosaisse is very sweet and evocative, a sweeping dance, showcasing Ewa Kowalski on flute.  Holley’s trio sans piano, Edward Harvey Portrait, is a pointed splash of abstract textures – we’ve been thinking and discussing at length what the meaning of it all is!… but we’ve grown to love it.  Then, Graeme Hair’s Frenzy and Folly, Fire and Joy is a wild mix of the most outgoing clarinet personalities, probably somewhat reflective of my own nature!

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