Music, life, and community

Doctors in tune: Medicos and musicians Andrew Kennedy and Saras Cauhan.

“She’s definitely in tune with her patients!” Picture: Jane Dyson

I see myself as an artist working in sound and storytelling.  When I think about the audience, I always consider, how do Australians generally consume their art music?  Many people only go to one classical concert in a year, but are often exposed to it through other media such as film, or on special life occasions like birthdays, weddings, funerals, or perhaps as a tool to augment or diminish emotions.  We musicians also use it to heal, inspire, and draw attention to political and social issues.  So, I work towards balance between artistic and intellectual satisfaction, and the context-sensitive satisfying experience for the listener.

One of my favourite times of year involves a most grand engagement with community – playing with the various Doctors Orchestras.  There are chapters representing New South Wales, Victoria, Australia, and even the “World”.  Later this year the I’ll play Mahler in Barbados, and Beethoven in Brisbane, but just recently the NSWDO raised $10,000+ for the charity PRaMM, “Perinatal Research and Maternal Medicine”, at Royal North Shore hospital, and $10,500 for the Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship.  See the link below, where I was featured in the St George area newspaper, spruiking the performance.  And in a few weeks I’ll be judging the heats, and on 21 August the grand final, of the scholarship.  That will be an amazing night of music!

St George Leader newspaper online story for NSW Doctors’ Orchestra

Info and tickets for Friday 21 August – Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship


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